Rss2Content for J15

 Features added in Version 1.1

** Filters and Filters Tab

  • It is still BETA but now you can specify filter/word and the component will import only items that have that word in their text. In Configuration under the Filters tab “Use Filters:” should be to Yes.

** Content Tab

  • Intro or Full text: – import items as joomla article with intro and full text or only with full text
  • Change “Read more text” to whatever you like
  • Display Feed source: Yes/No
  • Change “Source” text to whatever you like
  • Strip characters: Characters to strip from feeds, separate with |
  • Character replacements list

** Time & Content

  • Added option “Use Server Time” Yes/No

– If it is set to Yes, then articles are imported into the database with server date and time
– If it is set to No, then articles are imported into the database with date and time from rss feed.
– If it is set to No, then “Time Offeset” has no influence.

** Twitter Tab

  • Auto publish new imported items to your twitter account.

** List RSS

  • Display all enterd Rss feeds on one page with category and section they belong, last update time, publish status and author

** RSS Author

  • When adding rss feed you can now select author from joomla users list to be the author for that feed

** Manually Load RSS

  • Dsiplays statistics about how many items where imported from specific rss feed and how many items are published on twitter

Features from Version 1.0

Configuration Option

  • Feed Title (Yes/No): – collect Rss Feed Title
  • Feed Description (Yes/No) : - collect Feed Description
  • Feed Image (Yes/No) : – collect Feed Image, Logo
  • Feed Image width: - feed Image (logo) width
  • Feed Image height: – feed Image (logo) height
  • Number of items: – how many items to collect from each RSS Feed
  • Item Title Character: - number of characters in item title
  • Item Description Text: - collect Item Description
  • Item Description Word Count: – number of words to collect from Feed Item
  • Item Description Images: – feed images, do You want to insert them in content items
  • Item Word Count: – number of words that will be in content “Intro Text”
  • Link Target: – “Read More” link, that links to web site where user can read the whole news
  • RokBox Effect : – see demo page –> content item (Read whole news on source site)
  • Remove HTML: – s ome Feed Items contain HTML formatting (Bold, Italic, Table, …)

RokBox Effect

  • With this effect, you can open external link at the end of each article in new window with mootools effect.
    DEMO: Please visit our demo page –> navigate to content item –> click on (Read whole news on source site) to see effect in action

For this effect you need to install Joomla 1.5 plugin, and enable it in joomla back-end!Download plugin:

Image Settings

  • Download Images (Yes/No) : – download images from Feed items
  • Width: – of inserted image ***
  • Height: – of inserted image***
  • Alt tag: – Inserted image Alt tag –
  • Class: – Inserted Image Class tag
  • Hspace: – Specifies the whitespace on left and right side of inserted image (Default: 7)
  • Vspace: – Specifies the whitespace on top and bottom of an inserted image (Default: 1)
  • Align: – Inserted image alignment – (Default: left)
  • Border: – Inserted image border (Default: 0)

***if width and height fields are blank, images are inserted in original size
***if only one value is entered, images are inserted with proportional dimensions (depending on the height or width value)

Scrip/Banner after content items

  • Here You can insert advertising code that will be displayed under the each “Rss2Content” content item


  • Archive time: – number of days after the Rss2Content content items will be archived
  • Delete time: – number of days after the Rss2Content content items are deleted
  • Time offset: – here you can set time offset between server and Your country

Show on Frontpage Yes/No:

  • Do You want to show categories on front page. Automatically activates ”show on front page” for articles in selected category/s

Choose categories to show on front page:

  • If Show on Front page Yes, then select category (to select more then one Category hold down “Ctrl” and click on desired categories)

Auto published Yes/No:

  • Auto publish content items that Rss2Content component collects


For this feature, You need RokSlideShow (mod_rokslideshow) by RocketWerx and Image Download to Yes in Image settings in Rss2Content Configuration
Download RokSlideShow:
This feature enables module RokSlideShow to auto-update image slide show with short description and link to content item from selected category.

RokSlideShow settings in RSS2Content configuration

  • Number of images: – number of images to use with RokSlideShow module
  • Number of words: – number of words for description over the image
  • Choose category to use images: – select category to use with this feature