Rss2content demo

Rss2Content in Action

All content on our demo site is updated by Rss2Content Joomla component with auto-update (cron task).

Settings on demo site are:

Feed Title: Yes
Feed Description: No
Feed Image: Yes
Feed Image width: 75
Feed Image height:
Number of items: 20
Item Title Character: 100
Item Description Text: Yes
Descr. Word  Count:  30
Item Images: Yes
Item Word Count: 50
Link Target: No
RokBox Effect: Yes
Remove HTML: Yes

Image Settings

Download Images: Yes
Width: 120
Alt tag: rss2content

Other Settings
Banner Code after content items: blank
Archive time: blank
Delete time: 2
Time offset: 8
Show on Frontpage: Yes
Cat. on front page: Tom’s hardware
Auto published: Yes
RokSlideShow MODULE
Cron: Template based