Convert RSS & Atom feeds to content for your website

Convert RSS to Content

Convert RSS to Content

If you are looking simple way to add new/fresh content to your blog or website without having to write a new article everyday, then converting rss feeds to content is the solution for you!

How to convert an RSS feed to a blog post

Different tools allow you to automatically collect RSS feed content items and have each item inserted as an blog post or article in the category you define. The content of the article will vary based on the specific feed you select.

Benefits of converting RSS feeds to content

Increase website traffic on your website

Website content plays a very important role in keeping visitors on a web site. Regularly updating or modifying your Website’s content gives you an edge over the competition. Converting RSS feeds will bring you fresh content which will help you increase website traffic.

Increase revenue with advertising programs

Once you own the content as a new blog post or website article, you have ability to run advertising code and increase your revenue.

Auto Update (Cron Task)

By programming a simple Cron Task, you can setup your component RSS to content converter to auto update your blog or website on a given time interval. That way you can bring fresh content to your site without even login to admin back-end.